lucəed writes, records and performs rock music that defends individual liberty as well as freedom of art and expression in a more or less sacreligious manner.

If you depend on any –ism  or dogma this may not be the right place for you.

This statement should prevent you from blessing your feelings and believes.

Enter and discover at your own risk or do not grow deeper.

The band has been founded in 2008 and travelled through most European countries among other things as opener for acts like White Lies, Toto, HIM, Die Happy, Ezio, Liquido, Garden of Delight, Xandria, Clan of Xymox, Zeraphine, the Crüxshadows and many, many more…

The name “Luceed” appeared in 2009.

Xploding drums, shouting killer guitars, distorted synthesizers and impressive voices performing a controversial mix of pop, rock, alternative, punk, dark and electronic elements with an atmospheric touch.

We call it Voodoo Pop, Falloutpunk Rock or 2nd generation Goth.

Not only the music comes to the fore, it’s also their lyrics; always bizarre and critical; sometimes blasphemous and heretical but never superficial…